I use Eversoothe Releif Serum almost everyday because  it keeps my muscles and joints nice and relaxed for the whole day.  I rolled my ankle after a soccer game last week and it was really discoloured.   When I got home I rubbed the Eversoothe into it and after one day I had no discomfor at all and after the second day it was 100% back to normal.  My whole family loves this product, even my younger brother.


This product is amazing!  For a natural product it works straight away and it smells great too.  I use it on the back of my neck and on my lower back.  


I have had a back ache after a few bending excercises and I used Eversoothe Relief Serum from my local pharmacy.  I found it worked quickly and felt fresh the following day.  This is much better than many products on the market today.


I have tried many products to help with chronic migraine and chronic back ache so far in my life.  I have found that Eversoothe Relief Serum especially in the roll on bottle is the best product so far.  I rub some into my temple area and run my fingers through my scalp (covered in a little oil).  Its very refreshing and relaxing.


I use Eversoothe after training for kick boxing and straight after league games.  The next day the body parts feel so much better, it doesnt cease up as much.  I also use it on old injuries and when used regularly it makes me forget that I have any discomfort.

Ka Pai 

I find that its very good for neck and shoulder stiffness.  I've had problems for years, this really works.

K. Barrett