Eversoothe Relief Serum was originally developed in New Zealand for our Pharmacy patients sufferering from issues with their muscles or joints.  We discovered that many of our patients niggles could be easily controlled and treated using our special natural formula, without the need for stronger prescription medicine.  Being natural, our patients could use Eversoothe Relief Serum as often or as little as they liked with results far exceeding our expectations.   This product soon became our best seller and was mainly sold via recommendation or word of mouth in the two stores we kept it in.  By using Eversoothe Relief Serum everyday, symptoms and quality of life can improve significantly for those that actively use this product.  Only the best natural ingredients are sourced from around the world.  These have the correct compositions & properties to work synergistically together.  Eversoothe Releif Serum is now available in selected Pharmacies around the Waikato and our website, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.