Emu Oil

Emu oil comes from the fat of the Emu bird indigenous to Australia.  Emu has been used historically by Aboriginal tribes for relieving minor pain, arthritic joints, bruises, cuts and sores.  Emu oil naturally contains a high level of linoleic acid, (a substance known to ease muscle ache and joint pain) and oleic acid, which provides a local anti-inflammatory effect. Emu Oil has very good skin penetration, this helps all the active ingredients in Eversoothe Relief Serum get to the site of damage (muscle & joints) so they can work in the place they are needed the most.


Eucalyptus Oil

The health benefits of eucalyptus oil can be attributed to its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The health benefits of eucalyptus oil include muscle and joint pains. Massaging eucalyptus oil on the skin surface helps in getting relief from the pain. The volatile eucalyptus oil is analgesic and anti inflammatory in nature. Therefore it is often recommended to patients suffering from rheumatism, lumbago, sprained ligaments and tendons, stiff muscles, aches, fibrosis and even nerve pain.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of melaleuaca alternifolia. Tea tree oil has many benefits because it has antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Since tea tree oil is anti-inflammatory, it can be used to reduce muscle sores and arthritis pain. It can reduce pain in carpal tunnel syndrome, burns, and mild sprains. It was formulated into Eversoothe Relief Serum so it could help reduce pain and also help penetrate into the skin where it can work more deeply.  When applied to physical injury it can sanitize the area, reduce the level of swelling and act as an anesthetic.  Its deep penetrating action soothes sore muscles and loosens them up. 




Arnica has been used for many years as a plant-based pain reliever and is touted as a natural remedy to help relieve the pain of arthritis and sports injuries.Anecdotal evidence indicates that it is helpful in reducing bruising and shortening healing time.  Arnica helps increase circulation and helps reduce both pain and swelling from minor injuries.Applied to your skin it is beneficial to reduce the inflammation and pain caused by muscle sprain and strains. It is also believed to be able to regenerate tissue and is used for treatment of injuries. Arnica is used to promote wound healing and reduce the symptoms of rheumatic pain, and swelling due to fractures and insect bites.


Peppermint Oil

Peppermint has a long tradition of medicinal use, with archaeological evidence placing its use at least as far back as ten thousand years ago.  Peppermint oil is a muscle relaxer, when mixed with other essential oils peppermint can be rubbed over sore muscles to provide relief. Applied to the temples, peppermint oil can relieve muscle tension that causes headaches. Topical peppermint oil also can be rubbed on the neck to relieve tension headaches, and muscle spasms can be reduced when rubbed with the oil.




Lavender Oil

Lavender is much more than just calming. It is one of the most powerful remedies in the plant world, offering both physical and emotional relief for problems as varied as pain, burns, migraines, insomnia, insect bites, skin problems, infections, stress and nervous tension. It owes this amazing spectrum of healing powers to its complex chemical makeup.   Lavender Oil can be used as an antiseptic and pain reliever to be applied to minor burns and insect bites and stings.  It is also used to treat a variety of common ailments such as sunburn.  Its commonly used in massage oil to effectively relief joint and muscle pain.



Olive Oil

According to some sources, the Spartans and other Greeks in ancient times used Olive oil to rub on themselves while exercising in the gymnasia. Olive oil has been known for generations not only for its healing qualities but also as a natural, deep penetration moisturiser, regenerating skin cells and softening the tissue. New research suggests that certain types of olive oil contains a compound called oleocanthal that acts in the same way ibuprofen does to relieve pain. Olive oil is the base oil of Eversoothe Relief Serum, its not too heavy or greasy and upon rubbing into the skin it will leave you skin feeling beautiful and healthy.




Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil has a very fine texture and a slight greenish hue. It provides certain vitamins and minerals. It has been used in Eversoothe Relief Serum for its antioxidant properties which prolong the self-life of other oils in the formulation.





Contained in the Eversoothe Relief Serum Strong only. Menthol is an organic compound that is extracted from peppermint and other mints.  Menthol stimulates the body’s cold receptors, producing a cooling sensation when it is applied to the skin.  Menthol has anesthetic properties which are due to the fact that it binds to kappa opioid receptors. These are cells found in the brain, spinal cord and neurons; among other things, they help control the perception of pain.