Eversoothe Relief Serum Strong 50mls
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Eversoothe Relief Serum - Strong.  This extra strength formulation is for those who are very active, sporting and require a rub that wont let them down.  This formulation provides all the benefits of our original formula plus the added benefits of menthol to provide a instant cooling sensation followed by its natural warming effect as it settles in to soothe away the discomfort.

Eversoothe Relief Serum goes to work quickly with patients getting relief within only 5-10 minutes.  Shake the bottle well and then massage gently into the areas of discomfort TWO to THREE times a day.  For best results, use daily and rub in a circular motion until all the serum has penetrated into the skin (2 to 3 minutes) for 10 days.  

Eversoothe Relief Serum Soothes:  Neck, Back & Joint discomfort.  It can be used anywhere on the body, wrists, hands, fingers, soles of the feet.  Its used by many as a sports rub, before and after exercise or physical activity's.  It helps soothe Sports injuries, sprains and strains.  It also aids sports warmup and recovery and especially beneficial for those that feel a bit stiff the next day.

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